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EasyCDM Suite is a 21 CFR part 11 compliant Electronic Clinical Data Capture (EDC) and Clinical Data Management (CDM) solution that provides powerful and user-friendly environment for clinical data entry and monitoring for clinical trial investigators and trial monitors.

EasyCDM Suite supports all the steps of the clinical trial/research process from clinical trial protocol initiation to data capture and finally clinical data in ready to use format for report and analysis.

It is a web based tool that can be accessed from anywhere in the world by authorized user securely.

Integrated components of EasyCDM Suite:

  • Initiation of Protocol →Design of CRF → Setting-up Database → Creation of Dataset.
  • Standards Compliant: CDISC Standards (CDASH, SDTM), Sponsor standards.
  • Cost Effective & Efficient: Bring the best EDC technology to studies of all sizes.
  • All Types of studies can be built in: 100% customizable layout, easing transition from paper to EDC.

Key Features

  • EasyCDM Suite is an easy hybrid system for both electronic and paper studies.
  • Available as a SaaS application with subscription-based pricing.
  • Robust reporting capabilities including dashboards, standard reports and ad-hoc reports.
  • Extensive search and filter options using multi-criteria selections.
  • Intuitive role-based and workflow-based views and displays.
  • Web services enabling interoperability with third-party applications.
  • Minimal learning curve for rapid study start-up.
  • Immediate data visibility for all appropriate study stakeholders.
  • Run adaptive trials and implement protocol amendments quickly.
  • Ability to conduct truly global hybrid (PDE and EDC) clinical trials on one system.
  • Easy transition from paper to EDC with minimal training required.
  • CRF design closest to paper providing users with an easy to use interface.