Inconsistent data between disparate clinical and safety systems can lead to false conclusions about the safety profile of a drug. Reconciling this data across first and second pass data entry is a significant challenge. Life sciences organizations spend significant time and resources to overcome this data silo challenge by performing manual quality checks.

EasyCDM Suite reduces the burden of this process by reconciling drug safety data from clinical data management systems. It significantly improves productivity by eliminating double data entry and reducing the possibility of introducing errors. It’s intuitive and user-friendly graphical interface helps identify discrepancies quickly and easily, helping companies shorten the reconciliation process.

EasyCDM Suite automatically extracts data from clinical data management systems and reconciles it with the SclincalTM database; it generates an advanced, interactive reconciliation report. This report allows for easy visual determination of case-by-case data discrepancies. EasyCDM Suite can also be used to generate full reconciliation reports.