EasyCDM Suite allows for intuitive data capture on site, in electronic format, and its various validation checks reduce possibility of errors. Since the electronic CRF closely resembles its paper counterpart, data entry becomes easy and efficient. The EasyCDM Suite Data Capture system facilitates data capture and validation in Clinical Research processes by:

  • Allowing investigators to set pre-defined validation rules for such variables as data type, value range, value units, value changes, form submission, visit completion, etc.
  • Automatically checking and validating data against the pre-defined validation rules.
  • Allowing investigators to add notes to forms, to save and submit CRFs to Sponsors, CROs and Monitors, and to print CRFs.
  • Enabling investigators to respond online to queries raised by Sponsors, CROs and Monitors.
  • Permitting Source Data Verification (SDV) through electronic signature of Monitor.
  • Allowing Monitors and Data Managers to Lock the CRFs to prevent any changes in the same.