We at EasyCDM Suite understand the importance of maintaining complete accuracy and precision of the clinical data throughout the clinical trial lifecycle. Therefore, we have integrated several checks to safeguard our clients’ databases and the information contained within. With EasyCDM Suite, clients and life science companies can ensure and enhance the security, safety and integrity of their clinical data through the following aspects of the program:

  • Database can be accessed only through the application.
  • Due to a single, hybrid platform for EDC and CDM, workflows between data collection and data management are streamlined.
  • Study Database can be locked at Site Level or Study Level post completion of patient enrolment and discrepancy resolution.
  • Application has very strict access controls in place.
  • Data extraction can be done only through the application.
  • All access keys are encrypted and stored in the database.
  • Data transfer from client to server is done using secure protocols.
  • Data integrity is managed by system design which does not allow deletion of any data in the system and logs all changes and access.