The Global Library is the repository for all the required objects for creating and maintaining your organization’s data collection, validation, and extract operations. You can create some of these objects in the Global Library. Others, you can create, test, and validate at the study level, then elevate to the Global Library. Once in the Global Library, they are available for use in other studies and at other locations.

Global library stores the definition s for standards, both individuals and groupings, code-lists, thesauri, database validation criteria and standard CRF data entry layouts. The library is centrally located and can be replicated to all global sites using it. All data are linked to the global library, providing control and consistency throughout the study. Using the global library, CRF definitions which are mapped to the visit schedules in a spread-sheet like format, can be set up fairly quickly. EasyCDM Suite has a user-friendly GUI editor, which enables the user s to easily create and modify the data entry layout, so that it can mimic the CRF if desired.